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Cervical Collar Soft

Price upon request

Cervical Collar Soft is used for supporting the neck and protecting it against jerks impacts and vibrations. It’s recommended where a soft support to the cervical region is required.

Provides uniform support to the mandible, effective action, better fit and better comfort.

Provides unmatched comfort and can be used as prophylactic collar. It reduces pain and provides comfortable support during traveling.

Improves patient comfort, particularly recommended for geriatric patients and excellent for prolonged use.

The body of the collar is perforated to provide air circulation for good comfort.

Dermophilliccottonstockinet with high GSM is treated to improve hypoallergenicity, ensure no rash or allergy. Improves comfort and improves overall life of the collar.

Cervical Pillow

Price upon request

Cervical Pillow Regular is designed to keep the neck in a slightly hyperextended position at night to counter the stress and strain of the day where the neck tends to stay in the opposite flexion Position. It helps prevent and cure cervical problems while sleeping by promoting healthy, neutral posture of the cervical spine.

Positions the neck in the correct posture to provide muscle relaxation and proper support by keeping the neck in slight hyperextension.

It is made out of high-quality, high-density PU foam to provide firm but comfortable support to the neck and head.

It is covered with a soft velvet fabric which provides a soft feel, premium aesthetics, and durability.

The use of high-quality materials ensures the long life of the product.

C Collar soft with Support

Price upon request

In order to immobilize or adjust the neck in the correct position, the Cervical Collar Soft with Support can be used. In situations where a partial or controlled immobilization is required in the cervical region, this product may be recommended.

It is made of high density polyurethane foam, reinforced with very thick LDPE sheet with rounded edges and shaped to give a uniform mandible support. It provides better immobilization and improves patient compliance. Also gives the product high cushioning properties and improves life of the collar.
The LDPE sheet offers better immobilization. The round edge does not bite into the skin which enhances patient comfort. The edge also does not bite into the foam which ensures product durability.

The Polypropylene eyelets are rust proof and provide air circulation, which enhances patient’s comfort.

The hypoallergenic cotton stockinette ensures no rashes, patient comfort and improves life of the collar.