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Pouch Arm sling

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Cast Shoe

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Pouch Arm sling

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Pouch Arm Sling Tropical has been designed to hold, support and immobilize the affected arm while it is recovering from a sprained, broken or surgically operated arm while it is in the flexion position. The design is sleek and smart, making it the ideal companion for tropical countries with hot and humid climates.

Ethafoam shoulder pad takes the entire load of the arm and promotes patient comfort.

Thumb cradle maintains the thumb in abduction, helps in relieving the fatigue to the thumb muscles. Adjustable cotton sling allows flexibility in sizing and the angle of flexion can also be customized.

The product is made out of three-layered PU bonded fabric, each layer imparting to the fabric its unique properties.

One touch opening and closing of the buckle allows easy application and removal of the pouch. Ergonomic, smart, sleek and open design provides improved ventilation and enhanced comfort.

U shoulder Immobiliser

Price upon request

The Universal Shoulder Immobilizer is one of the most effective products out there when it comes to immobilizing and supporting a dislocated shoulder. Moreover, it is also used in cases where the fracture of the clavicle bone and the shoulder joint requires an immobilization of the region in order for the healing to take place.

The two piece design offers better immobilization and an easy application and removal process. The pouch holds and provides a comfortable rest to the arm.

Both Pouch and Arm Restraint Band are made out of three layered PU bonded fabric, each layer imparting to the fabric its unique properties.

Outer layer with raising provides soft feel and plush looks. Middle layer imparts cushioning effect and a wrinkle free property to the fabric. Innermost layer gives the fabric its required strength and non tear ability.

The product has plush looks is wrinkle free and soft to feel.

E shoulder Immobiliser

Price upon request

The Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer is a lightweight, sleek, and smart design that provides immobilization of the shoulder in the event of shoulder dislocation and during the period of post-operative rehabilitation. By positioning the arm close to the body, it is able to reduce abduction and rotation of the arm.

Provides six -way immobilization. The product is well ventilated and comfortable. Has a sleek and smart construction.

The product can be used in patients with open wounds around the shoulder. It is effective even in patients confined to bed.

Improves grip on the injured shoulder and immobilization.

Cast Shoe

Price upon request

A Cast Shoe Rocker Sole replaces the normal shoe when a patient is wearing a cast. It prevents excessive wear & tears of the cast and reduces impact on the injured leg.

The shoe ensures a high level of hygiene and improves the gait of the patient in a foot cast. The design ensures easy wearing and removal.

The sole de-loads the ankle joint and enhances the ease of walking on a foot cast. It restores the normal gait and improves the patient’s balance on the cast.

It improves the balance of the patient. It is colourful and aesthetically pleasing, helps early ambulation, and lightweight.

Hook loop straps hold the cast shoe firmly in a position that helps easy wearing and removal of the shoe.

Protects the plaster cast of the foot and prevents soiling and wetting of the cast.It also prevents wear and tear/mechanical damage to foot cast.