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Knee Cap

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Knee Cap (Neo) is a compression sleeve to hold and compress knee muscles, to enhance the performance of players by increasing muscle density and blood circulation around the knee during sports, gyming and training.

It also provides strong support and protection to ligaments and tendons thereby reduces the chances of wear and tear that can happen from workouts.

The anatomical patellar ring holds patella in place during running and other high impact sports. Honeycomb pattern improves blood flow apart from giving high tech and pleasing aesthetics.

Soft and thin spandex fabric at the back reduces bunching on knee flexion and enhances comfort. Spandex at the rear enhances comfort prevents bunching at the back.

Honey comb pattern enhances blood circulation and increases ventilation. Silicone patellar padding provides cushioning and massaging action to increase blood flow.

Anterior patellar opening relieves patellar pressure and holds patella in its position during high impact sports. Neoprene sandwiched fabric body protects from sports related injuries.

Knee Cap Open Patella

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The Knee Cap Open Patella is designed to provide firm compression, warmth, and support to the kneecap to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with various conditions such as old age, arthritis, sports injuries, etc.

Easy to use, washable, dermophilic (no rash/allergies), color fastness, comfortable, no rolling over, long functional life, durable and long lasting.

Relieves patellar pressure and positions the patella. It helps in compressing and supporting patellar tendon.

Provides effective support and compression to knee by use of four way stretchable tubular fabric.

Bi-layered construction to provide effective performance and enhanced comfort in all weather conditions.

Ensures high durability, appealing aesthetics and colour fastness.

Thigh Support

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Thigh Support is an orthopaedic, trauma, and burn support device is used to provide firm compression, warmth, and support to the thigh area, to alleviate pain and inflammation, which is generally associated with old age, arthritis, sports injuries, and other conditions.

Its uniform compression makes it even on uneven limb surface and offers firm support to quadriceps and hamstrings.

It provides effective compression and enhanced comfort. No vaso- constriction and simple pull on application improves patient compliance.

It also offers better sweat absorption, better comfort, and better patient compliance. The product gives no allergies or rash.

Ensures long life, offers excellent aesthetics, Color fastness, and two layers enclose air space retains the body heat effectively.

Functional Knee Support

Price upon request

The Functional Knee Support from eliminates pressure around the knee, providing rigid lateral support and immobilization, as well as controlled compression around the knee.

As a result, the knee joint is able to function normally and freely in terms of flexion and movement. It is convenient for the user to apply and remove the product since it has a front opening.

The product acts as a natural knee joint.

It has an easy application and removal on swollen or asymmetric knees, for weak or geriatric patients.

It has anti tourniquet effect ensures no constriction to blood flow.

The product has comfortable compression, no buckling, no vaso constriction and enhanced comfort.

Elastic Knee Support

Price upon request

A Elastic Knee Support is a versatile knee support that offers the advantage of knee de-loading, lateral immobilization and controlled compression around the knee as well as lateral support. Moreover, it is designed to allow normal knee flexion and free movement of the joint.

Strong Aluminium hinges ensure rigid side splinting but free flexion movement.

It ensures no buckling on knee flexion, no vaso constriction on the dorsal area. Improves patient comfort and compliance.

It provides comfortable compression around Patella and improves grip of the product.

It is easy to apply and remove on swollen or asymmetric knees or geriatric patients.

Knee Cap with rigid Hinge

Price upon request

With its simplified yet effective design, the Knee Cap with Rigid Hinge combines compression around the knee with the support provided by a side splint for a more effective and comfortable treatment. In this way, the knee can be flexed in a normal manner.

This product allows adequate blood flow on one hand. It has strong side splinting.

The material ensures dermophillic interphone with the skin, more comfort, and better patient compliance.

The fabric ensures long life, excellent aesthetics, and colour fastness, with better comfort.

Patellar Support

Price upon request

Patellar Support is a support that is designed to lift the patella and alleviate symptoms of pain, inflammation and discomfort associated with knee degeneration, without restricting circulation. Anatomical pad design lifts and position patella properly.

The anatomical pad design lifts and positions the patella properly. The design ensures optimal compression of the patellar tendon and strong grip of the product.
The silicon pad absorbs all the vibrations around the patella and the patellar tendon. It provides comfortable compression to the patellar tendon and support to the patella.

The nodular surface of the silicon pad provides proprioception and good massage. It also enhances blood circulation. The reverse buckle design of the product makes it easy to wear and provides customized compression. Due to the design, one size fits all.

Knee Immobilizer

Price upon request

Knee Immobiliser is an excellent brace to immobilize, support and protect the injured or operated knee while it recuperates.

The product ensures perfect immobilization, perfect grip to the leg, enhances comfort and is light in weight.

The product ensures perfect immobilization, no hot spots on knee protrusions and is light in weight.